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Chicago Steppin dance lessons in Oakland CA
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2015 - Weekly Steppin Classes

Tantalizing Tuesdays
Legends Night Club (6:30p - 8:00p)
3702 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA
$10.00 Per Person
men and women, chicago style steppin group class
Chicago "Style" Steppin
"The jazz to ballroom dancing"

All Levels - Welcomed

In our weekly Chicago "Style" Steppin
classes, students will learn a core
structure of the dance, how to count and
dance to a 8 count on beat, basic
techniques, concepts & foot patterns.

Participants will learn how to unify the
steps patterns associated in executing
the dance in a synchronized motion with
a partner.

The curriculum outline includes;
Basic I, II, III, the Initial Start,
Pull Start, Left and Right Turns,
Reverse Turns, Partnering, Etiquette,
the history of Chicago "Style" Steppin
and much more...